Everybody can be Anne, but my Anne inspires me.
She is the mean reason to start up my business.
She makes me realize that if someone follows you for almost 15 years it means that you do
something right.
It’s al about inspiration.
Everyone can be Anne, be my guest.
Anne is a story.
You are a story.
A moment is a story.
Your hair can be done and be one with you.

Like the number 23 is made of 2 en 3, Le nr 23 ou les cheveux d’Anne means 2 services,
2 parallels :
Talk is a feel good moment which you decide the way it have to go.
Like :
Talk about your theme(s) /story(s)
your inspiration(s)
your styling(s) /tips
your creation(s)
Like :
Philosophizing about who you are / you / inside out.
Like :
Talk in french.

A moment is a story

You are a story


Inspiratie vinden op le.nr23

Signed Fabrine

A true passion – Hair – scissors – you – my hands.

Being passionate about the structure called hair from a very young age and acquiring knowledge for years about personalities, this brings me to a need to be able to work in conditions close to my convictions.

Transmit by your hairstyle, your personality, your appearances and characteristics, to be, to stay and even sometimes to become yourself.

To be able to provide tailor-made work as much as possible while working the hair while respecting the hair’s structure .

The hairdressing profession taught me and made me discover my communications skills, that drives me and delights me to dissociate the hairstyle from the communication by deploying the “talk”service.

Hoping to promote development at the social level of people in the 20’s and simply revalue the pleasant present moment by means of speaking.

Both at the hair level and during your visit to Le nr 23, your moment will take place in an appropriate setting with good music, conversation, dynamics and your state at the time.

I believe in the benefits of having your haircut, by washing, disentangling and brushing in great calm or talking can possibly in a defined moment no longer exist.

To close this parenthesis of “me” by my services offered, I also believe in the transmission of experience, this is why I put myself in a position to offer you Skill courses.

Ps : Je suis francaise, oui je parle francais .
Na al deze jaren in Nederland, ja ik spreek Nederlands.
But almost important is the search for yourself to discover that what you say is your own language.